Sri Lankan Style Lamb Curry

Sri Lankan lamb curry on a pink napkin with rice
Although lamb is not a meat traditionally eaten in Sri Lanka, lamb curry is definitely the flavour of the month in our house! Having only tasted a Sri Lankan style lamb curry for the first time a few weeks back, it has since become a firm favourite and even rivals the prized black pork curry for its number one spot as my absolute favourite curry!

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Sri Lankan Egg Curry

Egg curry in a handi with rice
I am really excited about posting this Sri Lankan egg curry recipe. Mainly because now I get to eat egg curry! After ever so slightly over-indulging in one too many egg curries while in Sri Lanka over the Christmas holidays, I had almost resigned myself to never wanting to eat an egg again! Thankfully that notion was short-lived and I’ve since been working on my own egg curry recipe.

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Leek Thel Dala: Tasty Fried Sri Lankan Leeks

Sri Lankan fried leeks in a white bowl

Inspired by a fabulous Welsh themed dinner party at our friends’ last night, filled with laughter and delicious food, leeks are now on the menu at home today too!

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Fresh, Fruity and Fiery Pineapple Salad

pineapple salad

Irresistibly sweet and juicy, Sri Lankan pineapples are the best! Harvesting more than 35,000 tonnes of fresh pineapple every year, pineapples grow in abundance in Sri Lanka, primarily in the Kurunegala and Gampaha districts. The plethora of pineapple piled up on the roadside when passing through all of the villages in the surrounding areas is a remarkable sight; street vendors line the roads preparing bags of freshly cut pineapple ready to nibble on. This perfect snack for the road is not to be missed!

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