Mas Paan

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Short eats have to be one of my favourite facets of Sri Lankan cuisine; small and tasty snacks, which originate in days gone by when European settlers used to serve morsels of food (typically mini sausages and other such appetisers) with their evening sherry. Nowadays, however, short eats have evolved to be an extensive range of savoury pastries, fried goods and stuffed breads. No longer just considered as an accompaniment to an evening aperitif, they can be purchased throughout the day from bakeries, kades, or even ‘short eat vans’ (similar to an ice cream van, but loaded up with short eats and broadcasting a rendition of Fur Elise as it passes through the streets). According to the Ceylon Daily News Cookery Book, the chief requisite of a short eat is that it should appeal not only to the eye, but also to the palette.

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My quest for the ‘perfect’ Sri Lankan Beef Curry

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There are quite a few curries I make all the time. My fail-safe, go-to curries. These include a couple of meat curries, five or six vegetable curries and a few sambols. Beef curry isn’t one of them. However, as this is my first ever recipe post (or post in general) I was keen to try something new. Also I’ve had my eye on a mas paan recipe for a while, so figured I could use any leftovers to make some of those!!

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