Sri Lankan Egg Curry

Egg curry in a handi with rice
I am really excited about posting this Sri Lankan egg curry recipe. Mainly because now I get to eat egg curry! After ever so slightly over-indulging in one too many egg curries while in Sri Lanka over the Christmas holidays, I had almost resigned myself to never wanting to eat an egg again! Thankfully that notion was short-lived and I’ve since been working on my own egg curry recipe.

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Egg Ruloung: Sri Lankan Spiced Scrambled Eggs

egg ruloung and spices with white spoons

The age old question – ‘how do you like your eggs?’ I can never decide! I was actually asked this question on my hen do as part of my ‘Mr and Mrs’ quiz. I initially said omelette, changed my mind to scrambled eggs, then to eggs benedict, but finally settled on eggs royale as my final answer! Mmm… I do love eggs royale – drenched in hollandaise! Yum! However, that’s not what this post is about.

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